Pricing - Subscriptions


Prices charged at TAV Esenboga parking areas are regulated by State Airports Administration General Directorate.


To take advantage of subscription benefits, the Subscription Center offices located at A Block, 5ft floor, needed to visit with the ticket received at entrance within one hour after the entry to the parking lot.




4 Days

96,00 TL

7 Days

146,50 TL

15 Days

205,00 TL

1 Month

290,50 TL

TAV Esenboğa Car Park is FREE for specific periods to the special users mentioned as follows:

* Up to 1 hour for OFFICIAL, MILITARY and CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE vehicles.

** Up to maximum 15 days each time for PRM and VETERANS, as well as 1st Degree Relatives of the Martyrs (Card shall be presented),

***The first degree relatives of disable people should pay attention to keep the Disabled ID Card in the car or have the vehicle license indicating that the vehicle is for the disabled in order to benefit from the Car Park free up to 15 days.