Multi-Storey Car Park

  • Multi-storied parking area, with a capacity of 4.053 vehicles, is located parallel to Domestic and International lines terminal building and connected to terminal with 2 covered passages.
  • A total of 4 automatic parking ticket machines are placed on the main entrances of the car park.

The Multi-storey car park has 2 main exists. One towards Ankara and the other one towards Esenboğa direction. On Ankara exit, there are 3 payment points and 3 automatic exit barriers making a total of 6 exit lanes; and on Esenboğa exit, there are 2 automatic exit barriers and one payment point, making a total of 3 exit lanes. In addition to above, there are 6 automatic payment points within the terminal building, 3 at domestic terminal and 3 at international terminal.

Hour Fee
0-1 Hour 15.00 TL
1-3 Hours 23,00 TL
3-6 Hours 31,00 TL
6-12 Hours 38,00 TL
12-24 Hours 54,00 TL

Hour Fee
0-1 Hour 7.20 TL
1-3 Hours 9,50 TL
3-6 Hours 13,00 TL
6-12 Hours 15,50 TL
12-24 Hours 24,50 TL